Myriam Zini


"SUCH A PERFECT DAY" - 2019 - Uruguay
Fernando Lopez-Lage, curator and artist

[Such a Perfect Day  stages the weight of the news in the archeology of the present. Through traditional means and those incorporated with the new technologies, we have access to them, but it is observed more than ever as the news is disembodied: one deal looks like another, one castaway to another, one dictatorship to another, one popular movement to another, one party to another.
.... This installation is a file in process, a device concept of the semantics of the image in the press and of the media and of how they intend to show us the world we inhabit. A device that erases, intervenes and expands the contemporary view of historiography.]

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"LACRIMOGENIO" - 2013 - Brazil
MARIO GIOIA, curator

[Shards, rocks, surfaces - ... In general terms, her fertile production can be interpreted as an attempt to poeticise the maximised circulation of images and information through diverse sources, within a broadened scope of that which was once known as mass media, and also as the production of works grounded in the pictorial tradition of contemporary art, the subgenres of which might be dubbed as bad painting, free painting, expanded painting. ... the Morocco-born French artist who now lives in Brazil exhibits an unquestionable ability to compose eye-catching scenery. In these times of hyper-exposure, scenery is a suitable term, as nowadays almost everything is about performing, representing and being seen.]

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