Cada perfecto dia _ Alliance française Montevideo _ 2019

Such a Perfect Day

The installation Such Perfect Day tries to question the place and weight of the news in the archeology of the present. More than ever we have access to them, but also more than ever they are disembodied: one agreement resembles another, one shipwrecked another, one dictatorship another, one popular movement another, one party another. The next day, the memory keeps a tiny chink and in the end we are left as an indefinite, erased memory, made up of the sum of all these remains.

Since the invention of the printing press, the newspaper, due to its size and diffusion, allows us to embrace the world by becoming aware of its traumas and its glories and that is why the works of art where newspapers are represented or used are not counted, from «Le Journal Illustre "From Manet to Richard Prince and Annette Messager, including Rauschenberg's" combine paintings "as a material or instrument of information, des-information, censorship or manipulation.

In this site-specific project, the staging of newspapers intervened in various ways highlighting images and / or words, covering others and the use of cement as a material and antinomic concept (fragility versus firmness, ephemeral versus durability, layers versus blocks, mixing of colors of the image versus an almost-homogeneous gray) point towards a re-signification of the massive image.

Artist's interview about the exhibition:

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