Myriam Zini

LabExpo Superbad _ Atelier 2&1_2015


LabExpo Superbad _ Atelier 2&1_2015

LABEXPO « The Super Bad Project » by Myriam Zini

The starting point of the installation presented at LabExpo 2e1 is a photo _portrait of James Brown singing_, published on the day of his death in the French newspaper Le Monde. I reproduced it once, twice, three times, and it made me want to continue ad libitum… And she invaded a room and I filled it with reproductions, on supports of all types and sizes, using different techniques. 

And the image acquired freedom, autonomy.

Like Francis Alÿs with «Fabiola», it is through the accumulation of these more or less faithful reproductions of the singer that the image ends up jeopardizing the votive force of the multiplied image.